Sark is located 80 miles off the south coast of England, and just 20 miles from France – a short ferry ride from Guernsey or Jersey. The island is only three miles long and a mile and a half wide, but is surrounded by 40 miles of some of the most picturesque coastlines anywhere in the world. 

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We don’t have an airport on Sark, so travel to the island by boat.
For the best festival experience, make sure you book your ferry to Sark in good time as boats are liable to fill up.

Ferry from Guernsey to Sark
T +44 (0)1481 724059

Ferry from Jersey to Sark
T +44 (0)1534 880756




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Our festival tickets do NOT include camping.
We have several campsites on the island and details of these can be found on the official Sark website. Sark is a small island with only a limited amount of places to stay and on a festival weekend, the demand for accommodation is alway high! Please make sure you have organised your accommodation well in advance of the festival.

Sark Tourism
T +44 (0)1481 832345
E office@sark.co.uk



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