We are currently busy organising our full line up of events.
If you'd like to be part of the festival please contact us here.


If you would like to perform at Sark Summer Festival 2019, please provide full band details including genre of music, amount of band members, example sound bites and details of terms on which you will perform. Please also inform us of any special requests or needs. N.B. Due to our location, our budgets are quite tight but where appropriate, we may consider assistance with travel costs from Guernsey to Sark. Carting of equipment from Sark harbour to the festival site will be met at our cost, accommodation can be provided in the form of free camping pitch or possibly guest house or host family accommodation.  


We are actively seeking people interested in operating craft stalls at our festival.  Please provide full details of what stall you have and numbers/names of people it would involve. A small pitch of around £75 will be charged, you will travel to Sark at your cost and make own accommodation arrangements. However free ‘bare bones’ camping pitch may be available, carting of your goods from Sark harbour to Festival site can be undertaken by Jimmy’s Carting Services potentially at our cost. Proof of public indemnity insurance is required.


We are actively seeking people wishing to operate food outlets such as burgers, fish ‘n’ chips, doughnuts, seafood, Thai food, sausages, crepes etc. We will try not to duplicate stalls where possible. A pitch fee of approximately £250 will be charged, water will be provided, gas and electricity may encounter an additional charge. Travel to Sark will be at your own cost, however it is hoped to negotiate keen concessional rates with Sark Shipping, carting of equipment from Sark harbour to the festival site will be by Jimmy’s Carting Services possibly at our cost. Please provide full details, including names and numbers of people, so that a reasonable amount of wrist bands can be supplied. Please also confirm if you intend to bring your own stall/tent or if you would seek to be in a communal food tent. Accommodation is not provided, however a free ‘bear bones’ camping pitch may be available. Proof of public indemnity insurance is required.


Be a volunteer and get to enjoy the festival for free! To be a volunteer we would expect you to arrive a day or more before festival (Thursday 8th August) and stay hopefully for a day after to help with set up/breakdown. We would expect you to arrange your own travel but we are in process of negotiating concessional rates with Sark Shipping for reduced boat fares. A  free ‘bear bones’ camping pitch will be provided next to festival site, and carting of camping equipment will be provided at our cost by Jimmy’s Carting Services. A free, highly prized volunteers festival T-shirt and/or Hoodie will be supplied, some free beer tokens, and a free wristband will allow you to enjoy all three days of the festival.

In return, we ask for approximately eight hours of free work at festival. This could involve a variety of duties including manning entrance gate, ticketing, bar work, litter picking, merchandise sales, or a variety of general duties that go hand in hand with the smooth running of such an event. If you are interested please let us have details including including email and phone number and size (s,m,l,xl,xxl) for clothing.  If interested please bear in mind we have limited numbers of volunteer places for which we expect there to be high demand!


If you're a Sark resident and would like to provide accommodation for performers, please get in touch.